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Phương thức hoạt động EHelp

What is EHELP?

EHelp is a portal that connects busy customers with professional helpers, cooks, nurses, doctors, and information censors by EHelp.

  • EHelp helps customers get more family time and deal with important tasks.
  • EHelp helps traditional students and aunts get more income to stabilize their lives.

How does EHELP work?

EHelp is an intermediary portal, so EHelp’s job is to connect customers and employees with the following diagram:

Method How it works EHelp

The process is as follows:

– Customers need, access website and schedule services available on the website.

– EHelp receives information from customers, starts checking and matching information with employees.

– The employee agrees to work, if there is no special request will go to the place to do the time the customer has booked.

– Customers pay all the fees that have been reported from EHelp for NLD or transfer.

– NLD submits / transfers the amount corresponding to the profit sharing policy signed between the two parties.

Is EHelp safe?

EHelp is a company that has been licensed to operate the portal, has been certified business on the global enterprise system. With its responsibility, EHelp puts the interests of workers and customers first. So EHelp has clear and fair policies for both parties.

  • EHelp will train workers on soft skills such as behavior, reaction situations … as well as professional skills such as handling difficult stains, using special solutions …
  • EHelp also interacts with customers & amp; NLD for reasonable reviews, bonuses and promotions.
  • EHelp supports customers & amp; continuous workers to minimize unwanted problems.

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